5 Things to Look for in the Perfect Exotic Car Storage

  • By Gary Shapiro
  • 03 Oct, 2017
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5 Things to Look for in the Perfect Exotic Car Storage

5 Things to Look for in the Perfect Exotic Car Storage

If you're looking for exotic car storage to get your favorite wheels through the long Canadian winter, what should you look for? Here are 5 things you need to k

Your exotic vehicle is no match for the long Canadian winter. Freezing temperatures, road salt, and heavy snow all contribute to serious and lasting damage  which can really depreciate the value of your car.

And even if you intended to keep your car locked in your garage all winter, it might not be the safest or most convenient option. 

Many prestige car owners prefer to keep their vehicles stored in a specialized storage facility during the winter. But it's important to ensure that the facility you choose offers the services and expertise you require. 

Here are five factors to consider when looking for the perfect exotic car storage.

1. A Secure Location

Knowing that your car is in a secure location should be your main concern when choosing a storage facility. 

And, since the facility is likely to be in high demand during the winter months, it's important that it's fully equipped to monitor the many high-value cars on the premises. 

The facility should be in a discreet and highly secured location, with closed-circuit cameras and on-site security guards ensuring that your car is completely safe. 

2. An Experienced Service

You want to be sure that the exotic car storage you choose has a proven record or excellence when it comes to caring for prestige vehicles such as yours.

Years of experience in looking after high-end cars will guarantee that your storage facility knows what their customers want and how to provide it.

That means a tailor-made service including the extras you require, as well as an understanding of the nuances of your particular vehicle and how best to care for it while it's in storage.   

3. Reassurance Your Car Will Be Looked After

As well as keeping your vehicle safe, you also want to be sure that your car runs smoothly when it's time to take it out of storage. 

A good storage facility will offer scheduled vehicle start-ups and regular  visual inspections  to check for potential problems.

The facility should also have an indoor circuit on their premises where they can gently exercise your car. This will help extend the life of the tires and ensure proper lubrication. 

Cleaning and polishing services should also be offered as part of the package so that your car is perfect inside and out when you're ready to drive it.  

4. Convenience 

Using an exotic car storage ensures your garage is free for other vehicles in your household, while your prestige car is easily accessible whenever you want it again. 

The perfect storage facility should arrange to pick up your car or drop it off to you at your home or office, anytime you want. Or if you prefer, you can retrieve your vehicle yourself. 

This kind of convenient service means that whenever you want to drive it again, it'll be ready for you and as good as new! 

5. Excellent Value for Money

Storing your prestige vehicle for the winter is a great investment. But you need to be sure that you're getting value for money when you choose a storage location. 

Improper storage can cause a significant financial loss for you and your vehicle, so it's crucial that the facility offers an excellent service to match its competitive prices. 

You may be also able to benefit from reduced insurance premiums while your car is in storage. But your insurance company will need to know that your car is being kept in a high-security facility to be able to offer you a reduction. 

Choosing the Perfect Exotic Car Storage Facility 

Above all, you should choose an exotic car storage that will strive to protect your financial investment. 

Ensuring that your car is kept in a secure location and left in the hands of experienced professionals will give you great peace of mind while your car is in storage. 

Do you want to ensure that your vehicle is safe during the long Canadian winter? Contact us today for more information. 

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