What We Do

What We Do

We ONLY Store Vehicles

Before you make the important choice as to who should store your prized possession, take some time to ensure that they are ONLY in the vehicle storage business, and that it isn't a sideline, or a part-time seasonal business that only operates a few months a year, or when they have some extra space left over from their "regular" business.

We have been successfully storing 400 vehicles of all types in our 88,000 square foot facility‎ for over 14 years. We simply do 1 thing, and we do that 1 thing right! We take great care of your "rolling piece of art". Anyone can show pictures of vehicles on their site - make sure those pictures really belong to clients, and aren't "stock photos". 

We've had client's vehicles in our care for well over 14 years. We maintain collections, so choose wisely, choose the leader in Prestige Vehicle Storage in the GTA - Auto Vault Canada, where the owner answers the phone 7 days a week. Call me, Gary Shapiro at 416-346-0077, and I will personally give you a tour of our facility, so you can learn about the difference when you choose the best!
Gary Shapiro | President & Founder of Auto Vault Canada
Auto Vault is your Prestige Auto Storage Solution

Tired of searching for a place to park or store your vehicle? Worried that your current parking spot might leave your vehicle prone to damage or theft? Like to leave room in your garage for your other cars? Place your autos in the care of Auto Vault.

It's Secure

Our discreet location features a sophisticated monitored security system, closed circuit cameras, and on-site roaming security guards to offer your vehicle the protection it demands.

It's Safe

When your vehicle is stored at Auto Vault Canada, you never need to fear that your children will accidentally ride their bike into your car. Nor will you need to worry about somebody opening their door into your expensive finish. Our vehicles are parked by professional staff who ensure that your car always leaves its parking spot the way it arrived.

It's Convenient

Using Auto Vault keeps your driveway and garage free for your day-to-day vehicles, while keeping your prestige vehicle just a phone call away.

We can arrange for the pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle to your home or office any time you want it, or if you prefer, you can always come to the facility to retrieve your vehicle yourself.

Our on-site staff can pamper and polish your vehicle prior to delivery so you can focus on enjoying driving your baby, instead of cleaning it.

We can also arrange for scheduled maintenance and service. Whatever your vehicle requires, Auto Vault can make sure it happens.

It's a Wise Investment

Auto Vault offers tremendous value for your money. The services that we offer are not only convenient, they are priced to be very cost effective.

For example, autos stored in our facility during the off-season can benefit from insurance reductions that usually off-set the cost of the storage fee.

Many parking facilities that provide only a fraction of our security features and value-added services charge parking fees that are often higher than the Auto Vault package.

The wear and tear on your auto when improperly stored can cause significant financial losses and repairs. Auto Vault helps protect your financial investment.

The answer to all your Secure Storage needs

Auto Vault is not only perfect for your prestige and classic investments. We also offer secure storage for all your autos, toys and seasonal vehicles, including:
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    Personal Watercraft and Jet Skis

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    Secondary & Seasonal Vehicles

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  • Personal Watercraft and Jet Skis
  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Boats
  • Secondary & Seasonal Vehicles
  • Trailers
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